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10 MCU Heroes Thanos Never Got A Chance To Fight

The MCU has a remarkable variety of supervillains to its name, from the shapeshifting god Loki to the winged raider Vulture to Xu Wenwu, the ancient Mandarin. The most powerful and notorious villain is none other than the mighty Thanos, and he casts a long shadow over the MCU.

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Thanos made a few cameos before properly joining the battle in Avengers: Infinity War and again in Avengers: Endgame. In those two blockbuster movies, Thanos personally clashed with several different Avengers, including the thunder god Thor, the amazing Spider-Man, and certainly Captain America. But there are some other MCU heroes Thanos never properly fought in battle.

10 Ant-Man Didn’t Tangle With Thanos


Scott Lang the thief soon became the shrinkable hero Ant-Man, and he made good use of Dr. Hank Pym’s incredible suit and technology to slip through any defenses as an ant-sized hero. Ant-Man once faced the deadly Wasp, and he also fought Iron Man’s faction at the Leipzig Airport.

Ant-Man did not, however, have a major fight with Thanos, though he did take part in the final battle against Thanos’ army in his giant form, which is still something. There may be Internet jokes about Ant-Man blowing up Thanos from within, but that’s not exactly canon.

9 Black Widow Couldn’t Handle Thanos’ Full Power

Black Widow holds a gun

Natasha Romanoff, AKA Black Widow, is an elite spy and assassin who can slip into any base or army and dispatch a key target or collect sensitive data for S.H.I.E.L.D. Against relatively mundane foes such as the Hydra organization, Black Widow is the ideal Avenger for the job.

Black Widow knows her stuff, but she couldn’t handle Thanos, and she knows it. Fortunately for her, she never crossed paths with Thanos in the MCU, and if she did, Black Widow would hastily retreat before Thanos can throw a punch.

8 Hawkeye Couldn’t Handle Thanos, Either

Hawkeye holding his bow

When it comes to fighting space tyrants and overlords like Thanos, the archer Hawkeye is in a roughly similar position as his friend, Black Widow. Like her, Hawkeye is a skilled but mundane agent who can only handle so much in battle. He can shoot Chitauri aliens or human soldiers, but Thanos is too much for him.

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Hawkeye never fought Thanos, fortunately, though he’d provide cover fire for the Avengers during a battle against Thanos if asked. Now that Thanos is gone, and Hawkeye can focus his efforts on fighting opponents closer to his own level.

7 War Machine Hardly Even Saw Thanos

War Machine MCU

Tony Stark’s good friend, James Rhodes, is the second Iron Man, a warrior known as War Machine. His gray and silver suit focuses more on missiles and bullets than lasers, which sets it apart from Tony’s own suit, and War Machine’s firepower was sufficient to battle Thanos’ hordes on the Wakandan plains.

War Machine did have a brief encounter with Thanos, as did several other Avengers, but that didn’t count as a full-blown fight. Instead, it was Iron Man who ferociously fought Thanos on Titan, along with allies such as Star-Lord/Peter Quill and Doctor Stephen Strange.

6 Pepper Potts Fought Thanos’ Army But Not Thanos Himself

Pepper Potts stands looking angry in front of a major fire and rubble.

Tony Stark’s love interest, Pepper Potts, didn’t want to be a fighter at first. Then, in Iron Man 3, she became a hero at last, and this raised her stock even more in Tony’s eyes. She’d pop up here and there as the MCU progressed, and then she had a decent cameo in Endgame.

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During the final battle against Thanos, several female fighters banded together, such as Mantis, Gamora, Okoye, and Captain Marvel, and Pepper was in that team, too. She wore a battle-ready Iron Man suit of her own, and it was great to see her bravely contributing to the battle. Pepper did not, however, directly trade blows with Thanos on screen.

5 Sam Wilson/Falcon Had No Major Fight Scenes With Thanos

Sam Wilson/Falcon is another MCU hero who very briefly clashed with Thanos, but not enough for it to count as a full-blown fight scene. Falcon helped defend Wakanda, and by extension, the universe, fighting on the front lines against Thanos’ seemingly endless army.

Falcon soared over the battlefield and strafed Thanos’ minions tirelessly, but he would stand no chance if he faced Thanos directly, especially if Thanos had five of the six Infinity Stones on hand. Falcon would quickly retreat on the wings of his and call for backup.

4 Yondu Udonta Never Shared The Screen With Thanos

The Ravager ship captain known as Yondu Udonta played a major role in both Guardians of the Galaxy movies, and neither of those movies involved Thanos directly. At most, the first movie included Thanos’ minion Ronan the Accuser, but that had nothing to do with Yondu.

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Instead, Yondu concerned himself with his fellow Ravagers, his foster son Peter Quill, and dealing with Taserface’s bloody mutiny.

3 The Warriors Three Have No Business With Thanos

The Warriors Three In Thor

Strictly speaking, the Warriors Three describes three individual fighters, hence the name, but they can be roughly counted as a single “character” for all intents and purposes. The Warriors Three are friends of the mighty Thor, and they even visited New Mexico to see him. They made some later appearances, too, but it was nothing truly noteworthy.

The Warriors Three would gladly help their friend Thor take on foes such as the Frost Giants, but even Hela was too great of a match for them, let alone Thanos.

2 Shang-Chi Was Late To The Thanos Party

shang chi uses ten rings power

The martial arts hero Shang-Chi would gladly fight Thanos to defend Ta Lo if he had to, but it’s too late for that. Shang-Chi is the newest hero to join the MCU in his 2021 origin story movie, which is set after the events of Endgame. Thanos is already gone, and the Snap has already been undone.

Shang-Chi is simply too late to ever fight Thanos, but, fortunately, the universe was saved all the same. Now, Shang-Chi can help the Avengers fight other enemies and lend them the power of his martial arts and the Ten Rings he inherited from his ancient warlord father. He’s ready to make up for lost time.

1 Vision Didn’t Properly Fight Thanos

It’s true that the robotic hero Vision had a personal encounter with Thanos during the Wakanda battle, but it would be a real stretch to call that a fight. Vision couldn’t even fight back. Instead, he needed his love, Scarlet Witch, to destroy his Mind Stone and thus deny Thanos of it. However, Thanos used the Time Stone to undo that particular sacrifice.

Under other circumstances, it would have been fascinating to see Vision flying around, aiding his fellow Avengers while shooting laser beams at Thanos.

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