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10 Creepy Things In Pixar Movies When You Stop & Think About Them

Pixar has been dominating the animated film industry since the release of its first film in 1995: Toy Story. The critically acclaimed film received three more sequels and an upcoming spin-off titled Lightyear. While Pixar’s films target young viewers, there are jokes for adults to enjoy that go over kids’ heads.

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In addition to adult humor, there are also several disturbing moments in the films that are questionable. Some of these creepy scenes or plot points might not set in until years after viewers have watched the productions.

10 Why Does Edna Refuse To Put Capes On Supersuits?

The Incredibles get ready to fight

Edna Mode designed the iconic supersuits of the Parr family in The Incredibles. However, they are missing one common and important superhero feature: capes. Edna declares “No capes!” while designing the suits. Although, viewers wonder why this is.

The reasoning behind Edna’s strong stance on the exclusion of capes has quite the tragic backstory. Stratogate, a famous superhero with super-strength, flight and the ability to talk to birds, was sucked into a jet turbine on a rescue mission by her cape. Edna always felt guilty about her death and altered her supersuit designs.

9 The Dead Rat Shop In Ratatouille Is Based On A Real Place

Rat poision shop in Ratatouille

Ratatouille seems like a heartwarming film in which a rodent teaches a human how to cook. No scary sequences and no creepy moments appear at first glance. There are a few questionable scenes during Ratatouille that experienced a recent resurge in popularity. One sees a grandma with shoot at Remy when she encounters him in his kitchen. Meanwhile, she has rat poison and spray nearby, but for some reason wields a shotgun.

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Another creepy scene is when Remy’s friend warns him not to trust humans. Remy’s warned when he’s shown a rat poison shop with dead rats hanging on display. This shop is actually based on a real place in Paris.

8 The Whole Plot Of Monsters, Inc. Is Disturbing

Sulley thinks Boo died in Monsters Inc

The entire concept behind Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. is incredibly creepy. It’s hard to understand how this plot succeeded in entertaining children. The plot follows monsters, who scare the screams out of children to power Monstropolis. Sulley, the top scarer at Monsters Inc., befriends a child he nicknames “Boo” after his rival leaves the door open to her room. Several creepy scenes involve Boo. One of which is when Sulley thinks Boo was crushed to death and turned into a cube of trash. Thankfully though, she is safe.

7 Sid Creates Creepy Hybrid Toys In Toy Story

Creepy toy in original Toy Story

Pixar’s first feature-length film, Toy Story, isn’t an exception to creepy scenes in a children’s movie. Andy, the toys’ owner, has a scary neighbor named Sid. While Sid eventually redeems himself later in the Toy Story films, he was initially a terror. Sid loves to experiment on toys with explosions and reconstruction, which annoys his little sister. When Woody and Buzz end up in Sid’s room, they encounter the disturbing hybrid-toys part of Sid’s operations. These toys wouldn’t sell too well on the shelves.

6 The Toys Accept Their Impending Doom In Toy Story 3

Toys almost get incinerated in Toys Story 3

Toy Story 3 is one of the most financially successful animated films ever, and was released in 2010. Andy’s toys wind up at Sunnyside Daycare, where they encounter the villainous Lots-O’-Huggin Bear, who runs the place with an iron fist.

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Near Toy Story 3′s end, the toys get dumped into a trash incinerator. Fans do believe, in this moment, that the toys will die, due to the looks on their faces. It’s a slightly unnecessary close-call for the toys in a children’s film. The production team of Toy Story had plenty of creepy ideas about talking toys up their sleeves.

5 What Humans Are Set To Become In WALL-E

Mary ignores Wall-e

Pixar’s WALL-E went places that the animation studios hadn’t gone before in its overall message to viewers. This 2008 film is set in the 29th century and follows the life of a trash compacting robot named WALL-E. The absolute wasteland that Earth has become in WALL-E is an unnerving idea. WALL-E’s plot of the potential outcome of Earth can still ring some truths today, considering consumer greed and the current climate crisis.

Now that Earth is now inhabitable, humans live on a ship and have become incredibly lazy and obese. The message isn’t as obvious to children, but it is thought-provoking for some adults.

4 When Torque Gets Tortured By Professor Z

Torque in Cars 2

Rod “Torque” Redline is a supporting character in the 2011 sequel for Pixar’s Cars. Cars 2 goes a completely different direction than its predecessor, and results in mixed reviews from viewers. While the first Cars doesn’t really feature any disturbing scenes, Cars 2 certainly makes up for it. Torque is a spy captured by a sinister villain named Professor Z. When he gets captured, Professor Z tortures him in several ways. For example, he gets pumped with toxic gas. Torque dies when his engine explodes due to the toxic gas fed to him.

3 The Fate Of Hopper In A Bug’s Life

Hopper gives a speech

A Bug’s Life is the second film released by Pixar, which lives in the shadow of Toy Story’s success. A Bug’s Life follows an ant named Flik, who accidentally knocks off his colony’s food supply meant for the grasshoppers. Hopper, the leader of the grasshoppers, is terribly upset and requests twice the amount of food.

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Like Pixar’s previous film, A Bug’s Life has its fair share of disturbing scenes. By the end of A Bug’s Life viewers are aware of Hopper’s fear of birds due to Flik tricking him with fake ones. However, Hopper actually gets eaten alive by baby chicks while strangling Flik. This is A Bug’s Life’s least child-friendly scene.

2 The Machine That Steals The Screams Of Children

Mike in the Scream Extractor Chair in Monsters Inc

Since the screams of children are used to power up Monstropolis in Monsters, Inc., there is a machine called the Scream Extractor. Randall hatches a devious plan with Waternoose to kidnap hundreds of children to keep the city running.

Randall thinks he finally captured Boo, but it’s actually Mike Wazowski. Mike barely escapes when Sulley comes to his rescue. Randall’s assistant, Fungus, isn’t quite as lucky. Fungus loses his ability to speak after the Scream Extractor is used on him.

1 When All But One Of Marlin And Coral’s Children Die

Finding Nemo is one of the greatest Pixar films of all time. The plot follows a clownfish named Marlin, who sets off on a journey to find his son Nemo, with a forgetful regal blue tang named Dory. Nemo’s capture is definitely a creepy moment for children in Finding Nemo.

However, another creepy scene occurs before viewers even meet Nemo. Marlin and his wife, Coral, take care of their many eggs before a barracuda attacks. The barracuda tragically kills Coral and all their children but Nemo. Nemo also gets injured from the attack and has a smaller fin than normal as a result. As Pixar films go, this is one of the most upsetting beginnings.

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