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10 Best Isekai Villains, Ranked By Likability

In many anime series, there are powerful villains who will not leave anyone indifferent. Some are terribly vicious, and their actions deserve the hatred from characters and fans. Occasionally, villains look cute, but fans can’t forget that they’re killing machines.

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Some villains are charismatic and unique, and deserve respect and love from the audience. It can be pleasant and funny to follow them through the story. Sometimes villains can be the main characters of an anime, but this doesn’t take away their overruling villain status.

10 Petelgeuse Romanee Tortures Himself Every Day (Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World)

Petelgeuse is the Archbishop of the Witch Cult in Re:Zero. He represents one of the 7 deadly sins – the sloth. He is scary, strong and exhibits strange behavior – but over time, this fear turns into joy. It becomes strangely funny to watch him do something unusual.

However, Petelgeuse is extremely loyal to the Witch of Sloth and would never offend her. Every scene he’s in is a work of art. Especially when he is worried and bites his nails, bends his body 180 degrees, and smiles villainously.

9 Tomoe Is Trying To Surpass Everyone (Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu)

Tomoe is surprised in Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

Tomoe was forced to sign a contract with Makoto in Tsuki Ga Michibiku. Despite Tamoe being a dragon, she was far behind him in strength, so Makoto made her his servant. Tomoe didn’t regret being a servant – she could read the memory of Makoto, and watch anime and dramas, and read novels.

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Tamoe was a dragon and was feared and respected by many. Until the main character found her, she mostly dwelt in a remote mountain where sacrifices were to be made for her.

8 Mio Is Always Hungry And Madly In Love (Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu)

Shy Face Of Mio In Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

Mio is another servant of Makoto. She wandered across dimensions in search of food, and has always been a reckless villain. In the past, Mio loved to destroy everything. She would kill and eat any creature to satisfy her hunger. Many are terrified of her, because of her strength and cunning nature.

Since Mio is hungry no matter how much she eats, she’s always looking for something new and tasty. Mio fell madly in love with Makoto and became his servant when they fought to the death. After that, Mio mostly plays the role of a strong guard, who will tear to pieces anyone who tries to offend her lover.

7 Hanzo Urushihara Is A Born Programmer (The Devil Is A Part-Timer!)

Lucifer Is Using His Powers In The Devil Is a Part Timer!

Hanzo is the fallen angel Lucifer and one of the generals of the Devil King Sadao Maou. He is cold-blooded and brutal in The Devil Is A Part-Timer!. When Hanzo began to defeat Lucifer, he found salvation in the betrayal of the Demon King. During their battle, Lucifer lost and (having reconciled with Sadao), returned home with him.

Lucifer (Hanzo’s true name) became a smart programmer and started his way of hikikomori. He loves this style of life without moving or doing something wild. Lucifer is without a doubt the laziest of them all, but he’s happy because of the food Sadao brings every day.

6 Shiro Ashiya Can’t Live Without The Devil King (The Devil Is A Part-Timer!)

Shiro Ashiya Is Eating Angrily in The Devil Is A Part Timer

As one of the Devil King’s generals, Shiro is a villain who led his army and destroyed enemies. He was incredibly smart and could come up with the greatest strategies, which were win-win.

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Shiro Ashiya is the most loyal general of Sadao. After he found himself in Japan, he began his search for books that would help them come back and regain their strength. He mainly does household chores, as he washes clothes, cleans the house, and prepares food.

5 Tanya Von Degurechaff Kills Everyone In Her Path (The Saga Of Tanya The Evil)

Tanya Barely Controls Her Rage In The Saga Of Tanya The Evil

Tanya of The Saga Of Tanya The Evil was a male soldier in her past life. This is an unusual story, following Tanya becoming an officer in the army and leading the soldiers to fight and kill thousands of enemies. Tanya is playful and cruel, uses others for her own purposes, and never ceases to amaze by manipulating everyone. Tanya may be cute, but she is a killing machine.

She also has many abilities that give her inhuman strength to destroy enemies. Her analytical thinking and resourcefulness are also at a high level, so Tanya can boldly fight and win.

4 Sadao Maou Working At MgRonald’s (The Devil Is A Part-Timer!)

Sadao is a real Demon King from another world. He declared war in his world and almost won it by capturing all four continents. But after his army started to kill so many innocent people, Emilia lost her dad.

The tragic event forced her to become stronger. After some time, Emilia destroyed the demon army and made Demon King Sadao retreat to another world with General Shiro Ashiya. The Devil King lost his power and had to work as a part-timer at MgRonald’s to pay the rent and buy food. The audience loved him because he slowly began to understand his mistake. He even began to protect people by preventing tragedies.

3 Veldora Tempest Sets Fire Everywhere (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime)

veldora slime

Veldora is an incredibly strong dragon with a lot of skills. He could destroy kingdoms and kill multiple people. Nobody was able to stop him, until he was locked in a magic dungeon. Оnce there, he began to think about life. When Rimuru Tempest – the main character of That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime – found him, the dragon behaved like a tsundere. This moment captured the hearts of the audience.

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Despite the fact that Veldora deserved more screen time, he was still well revealed. He took so many lives and destroyed numerous homes, but in the future, he will be surpassed by the main character himself.

2 Rimuru Tempest Becoming A Demon King (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime)

rimuru happy

Rimuru, an ordinary worker in Japan, was reborn not as a man – but as a real monster. As a slime, he became friends with the dragon himself, and then completely became his family.

He founded a village, united other monsters, and turned his territory into a real kingdom of monsters. He became a villain when he was finally angered by the human race. When they started to kill his innocent citizens, he took revenge by killing thousands of warriors. Because of that, he officially became one of the Demon Kings.

1 The Overlord Who Lost His Senses And Killed Millions (Overlord)

Ainz Announces His Arrival In Overlord

The most violent and beloved Overlord has been reborn in the game. Once in a familiar palace, he realizes that he is the only one who was reborn here, but he does not lose hope of finding his other friends. All his servants adore their master. However, they are all unusually strong and cunning.

Deciding that he needed to take over the world first, he began issuing brutal orders that mostly led enemies into horror. There are no rules for him. Killing an incredible number of soldiers did not satisfy him, аnd he was ordered to kill a girl who had a family. Despite his evil deeds, he is loved by all viewers. Soon, Overlord will have its fourth season.

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