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10 Anime Villains Who Deserved To Lose

The best anime villains put up a tough fight and come out the other end winners, but just as many deserve to lose thanks to major flaws in themselves or their plans. Villains like Team Rocket constantly forget to think their plans through while other villains underestimate their opponents.

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Short-sighted and egotistical villains tend to be the most deserving of defeat. These villains to crash and burn thanks to their lack of insight into their opponents. Villains often fail to comprehend how innovative their opponents were, which results in the villains being outwitted or killed in the end.

10 Mimete Focused More On Cute Boys Than Capturing Pure Hearts (Sailor Moon)

Sailor Moon Mimete Witch

Even though Mimete was part of the Death Busters in Sailor Moon, she cared more about pursuing every cute boy possible in the ’90s anime adaptation than capturing Pure Hearts. She rarely achieved her goals and was later killed when she attempted to use one of Eudial’s unused machines to destroy the Sailor Scouts. Even though Mimete had some inventive disguises to fool others into thinking she was a normal person, she was overpowered when forced to battle the Sailor Scouts and left most of the fighting to the daimons she sent into battle instead.

9 Toue Was Ultimately Powerless Despite Pulling The Strings (DRAMAtical Murder)

Toue and Usui DRAMAtical Murder

Toue was a master manipulator in DRAMAtical Murder who controlled the masses by mimicking Aoba’s Scrap abilities. Unfortunately, when the time came to use his powers against Aoba and his allies, Toue failed to save himself. When he tried using his abilities to incapacitate Mink, he failed to realize that Aoba already used his Scrap abilities to save Mink just moments earlier, making Mink immune to Toue’s influence. This resulted in Mink killing Toue in the visual novel, while in the anime, Toue played a close game of Rhyme against Aoba to save himself.

8 Maverick Did A Horrible Job Of Covering Up His Crimes (Tiger & Bunny)

Albert Maverick Tiger & Bunny

Albert Maverick killed Barnaby Brooks’ parents in Tiger & Bunny and pinned the crime on another criminal. He also altered Barnaby’s memories so he would not remember who killed his parents. When Barnaby found out the truth several years later, Maverick tried re-altering Barnaby’s memories. He also killed Samantha, a close family friend of Barnaby and his parents, and framed Kotetsu for her death.

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Unfortunately for Maverick, the way he executed trying to cover up his crimes the second time had too many inconsistencies. Additionally, there were other heroes at Hero TV that were already suspicious of Maverick by this time. Maverick was caught and sent to jail for his crimes, but he never lived to get to prison, since the antihero Lunatic murdered him on the way there.

7 Flatorte Stood No Chance Against Azusa (I’ve Been Killing Slimes)

Flatorte from I've Been Killing Slimes

As part of the Blue Dragon Clan, Flatorte interrupted Laika’s sister’s wedding since Laika and her sister were part of the Red Dragon Clan. This conflict was part of a much larger feud that the dragons shared in I’ve Been Killing Slimes. Azusa and the rest of her non-dragon friends initially tried avoiding conflict with Flatorte. However, Flatorte made the major mistake of turning on Azusa and her friends. Azusa was overpowered with her magical abilities but Flatorte failed to realize that she stood no chance against Azusa until it was too late.

6 Alvida Stood No Chance Against Luffy In the First Episode (One Piece)

Despite her intimidating demeanor, Captain Alvida stood no chance fighting Luffy in One Piece‘s first episode. This is mostly thanks to Luffy already having Devil Fruit powers. Alvida didn’t have any Devil Fruit powers at the time, since she hadn’t consumed one yet. She underestimated Luffy’s abilities and also failed to realize that Koby would take a stand against her thanks to Luffy’s help. Luckily, Alvida’s fortunes eventually changed as she rose to the ranks and also consumed a Devil Fruit later on.

5 Light Underestimated Matsuda & Many Other Characters (Death Note)

Light Yagami from Death Note

Even though Light Yagami successfully killed L and led the police on a wild goose chase hunting Kira, he ultimately let the power of the titular Death Note get to his head. He ended up underestimating Near, who successfully unmasked him as Kira, and Matsuda, who turned on Light and shot him as soon as he learned the truth of the entire situation. If Light stayed as cautious as he was at the start, he might’ve been more successful in his deeds.

4 Yami Marik Underestimated The Good Marik’s Strong Will (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Yami Marik took over as Yu-Gi-Oh!‘s main antagonist partway through the Battle City arc. During the final main duel of the arc, he battled Yami Yugi with their own host’s lives on the lines. Unfortunately for Yami Marik, he underestimated how strong-willed his good counterpart was.

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This resulted in the good Marik changing places with Yami Marik during a pivotal point in the duel, forcing Yami Marik to plead for his own life with only one life point left during the duel. However, the good Marik decided to surrender, leading to Yami Marik being annihilated for good.

3 Team Rocket Often Underestimated Everyone Seeing Through Their Plans (Pokémon)

The Team Rocket Trio Strikes A Pose In Pokemon

Even though Team Rocket is very creative when it comes to stealing Pokémon, they often underestimate how quickly Ash and his companions realize their plans. Sometimes Team Rocket is so bad at planning that other characters end up calling them out for the crimes and defeat them without help from Ash and Pikachu. Even though Team Rocket has many creative plans, their lack of thinking through how well these plans are in execution often led to their defeat.

2 Lust Underestimated Roy Mustang’s Abilities (Fullmetal Alchemist)

lust homunculus fullmetal alchemist

Lust was an incredibly strong member of the Homunculi, but she greatly underestimated Roy Mustang’s abilities when fighting him in her last encounter. Even though she almost fatally wounded him, she failed to realize that he could make a transmutation circle out of his blood and use his fiery alchemy to seal his wounds closed. He continued fighting Lust by consistently setting her on fire until her Philosopher’s stone ran out of energy to resurrect her, killing her off for good. If Lust made sure that Mustang was dead instead of leaving him to bleed out, her demise would be entirely avoided.

1 Kyubey Failed To Realize Madoka Would Figure Out A Loophole(Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Kyubey Acts Innocent In Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Kyubey was extremely manipulative and made countless magical girls become witches for the sake of harvesting energy.  Madoka virtually learned about all of Kyubey’s plans and figured out a loophole to the contract. Since Madoka was so powerful that her wish could be anything possible, she wished that all witches would be wiped from existence – which cost her existence on Earth. Fortunately, this meant that every magical girl would ascend to heaven instead of becoming witches.

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10 Anime Villains Who Deserved To Win

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