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10 Anime Characters You Never Knew Were Actually Non-Canon

Non-canon storylines and filler episodes are something every anime fan has experienced before. Whether it’s an arc added into an anime to buy time for the manga’s plot to update or simply creative liberties taken with a series, filler is found in just about every anime series. With filler episodes come filler characters made specially for the arc.

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The characters introduced in added arcs are often forgettable, especially since they have no significance in the overarching story. But every once in a while, a character will appear who fits in so well that fans may not even realize they’re not canon to the source material.

10 The Entire Cast Of Persona Trinity Soul Is Exclusive To The Series

The series Persona: Trinity Soul is a sequel to Persona 3, taking place 10 years after the game ends. However, none of the original characters return for this series, and only the protagonist Akihiko Sanada makes a brief appearance. The series has a new cast of characters for the audience to follow, and the plot is very different from before.

It is said to take place in a parallel universe from the game. The personas differ a lot compared to those in Persona 3. Because it is so detached from the game and is a separate universe, none of the characters of this sequel are canon to the main franchise.

9 Alois Trancy Is A Character Unique To Black Butler Season 2

Alois Trancy Black Butler II

Fans of the series know that the second season of the anime Black Butler deviates from the manga’s storyline. When the season came out, the manga had not progressed far enough to continue close to the source material. Because of that, the latter half of the first season and the second season took liberties with the material, developing their own conclusion for Ciel Phantomhive’s story.

A part of these liberties is their added character, Alois Trancy. He acts as a foil to Ciel and is one of the main antagonists in the season. He is exclusive to this season and is not a part of the manga’s plot nor any other parts of the anime.

8 Miho Nosaka Is The Forgotten Fifth Member Of Yugi’s Friend Group In Yu-Gi-Oh Season 0

Miho Asking Tristan For A Favor

While the series Yu-Gi-Oh is a huge hit and successful franchise, its true first season, known by fans as Season 0, is not so successful. It remains unknown to those not well-versed in the history of the franchise. In this season, there are many differences compared to the series fans know and love.

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One of the biggest differences is the existence of Miho Nosaka, who is the second female of the gang and friend of Yugi and company. While she does exist in the manga, she is barely a part of it, in stark contrast to her role as one of the major characters in Season 0. Once the season was scrapped for the series everyone is familiar with, Miho was scrapped with it and is no longer a part of the anime’s canon.

7 Uzura Is Only In Princess Tutu’s Anime Adaptation

Princess Tutu Uzura

The anime adaptation of Princess Tutu varies from the manga in many different ways. One big way it differs is in the existence of Uzura, a child doll made from the scrap remains of Edel after her wooden body burns at the end of the first arc. Uzura is never in the manga version. She could never be a part of the manga’s version of the story because Edel is not a puppet in that version.

She is a regular human, made of flesh and blood instead of wood, and owns a ballet shop in town. Edel’s change in character gives birth to Uzura’s added character, just as her body allows Uzura to live in the anime series.

6 Lulu Is An Added Villain In Shugo Chara! Doki

Shugo Chara Lulu

The anime series of Shugo Chara has a great deal of filler throughout it. The anime needed material for episodes as it waited for the manga’s newest storylines to release. One plot that is introduced as anime-exclusive material is the addition of a new villain working for Easter in Shugo Chara! Doki, Lulu de Morselle Yamamoto.

She brings with her a new type of egg to replace the x-eggs called a question mark egg. This plot adds a fresh new dynamic to the anime as it waits for the main plot to update. Lulu remains a recurring character throughout the series after the season ends, though she never appears in the manga.

5 Ali And An Are Villains Who Only Appear In The Sailor Moon 90s Anime

Sailor Moon Ali And An 90s Anime

Ali and An, renamed Alan and Ann in the 90s DiC dub, are filler villains featured in the 90s adaptation, Sailor Moon R. They are the main villains in the beginning portion of the season, plotting to drain the lifeforce of humans on Earth to use to save the source of their existence, the Makai Tree.

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They only appear in the 90s version of Sailor Moon. No other adaptation features Ali and An because they were made specifically for this arc to fill up airtime until the ongoing manga updated.

4 Noah Kaiba Is An Anime-Only Sibling To Seto And Mokuba Kaiba

Noah Kaiba Yu-Gi-Oh

During the Virtual World Arc of the original Yu-Gi-Oh series, a new character named Noah Kaiba is introduced. He is the biological son of Gozaburo Kaiba, and the adoptive sibling of Seto and Mokuba Kaiba. He is also the main antagonist throughout the season. Noah is exclusively a part of the anime series, and the arc he debuts in is anime-only as well.

While he may not be canon to the source material, Noah and his story give a lot of insight into the Kaiba family and make for growth that Seto would have otherwise not had.

3 Ash Ketchum Does Not Appear In The Pokémon Games

The entire animated series of Pokémon follows the story of hero Ash Ketchum as he strives to become a Pokémon Master. Despite Ash being the main focus of the franchise’s anime, he never once appears in the games. Every game, new and old, features a new hero or heroine as the playable character. Sometimes these characters are featured in the series and follow along with Ash on his journey.

However, Ash himself has yet to be a playable character. He hasn’t even been featured in a cameo or as a boss battle. At this point, he likely never will be a canon part of the Pokémon games. At least he will always have the spotlight in the show.

2 Denki Is Not A Part Of The Manga In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Denki Kaminarimon Boruto Naruto Anime Battle Action

Denki is one of the new genin of the Leaf Village in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations and is a friend of Boruto. He is heir to the Kaminarimon Company and acts as a supporting character in the anime series. He is not an original part of the manga and was added into the series later,  based on a fanmade character named Denki Raimon.

This character was changed into the character fans know today and added into the debuting anime series.

1 Wrath Is A Completely Different Character In The 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist

The 2003 version of Fullmetal Alchemist veers off into a very different direction than the completed manga and the later series, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. One major difference between the two is the new character created to fill the role of Wrath within the homunculus. Instead of the King Bradley reveal, Wrath is a young boy created by Izumi Curtis in an attempt to bring back her deceased son.

He is the only homunculus of the series original to the 2003 adaptation and is only in this version. In addition, a striking feature about him is that he possesses Ed’s missing arm and leg, yet another plot point exclusive to this adaptation.

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