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10 Anime Characters Who Don’t Believe in Ghosts

It’s a time-honored tradition of any story that introduces ghosts. There will always be at least one character who doesn’t believe they’re real. This will hold true whether the universe doesn’t have any ghosts in it or not. There will always be a character somewhere who thinks they’re not actually real.

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Some characters are written this way to bring all the other characters back to reality and help them focus. Others are written this way just to be proven wrong – the skeptic that’s suddenly forced to confront the thing they’ve always claimed isn’t real.

10 Seto Kaiba Refuses To Believe In Ghosts Or Reincarnation (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Kaiba with a rare smile

Seto Kaiba denies the existence of anything but the hard reality he’s already aware of. The Battle City arc saw Kaiba deal with everything from the power of the god cards to people claiming Yugi was an immortal Pharoah. Yet, he still didn’t accept it. In the English dub, Kaiba was sent backwards into the past to meet his original self and he still didn’t accept the supernatural as true. Kaiba doesn’t believe in reincarnated spirits like Atem or the power of the Millennium Items.

9 Miyu Edelfelt Is A Magical Girl But Won’t Believe In Ghosts (Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya)

Fate-kaleid liner Prisma Illya Miyu Edelfelt

Miyu Edelfelt is a perfect student and the perfect magical girl. She’s got incredible powers and talent, but she’s pretty terrible at knowing how to interact with people. And she also has a problem believing in anything supernatural. It starts out simple, with her thinking magical girls can’t fly because of physics. Over time, she stops believing in anything supernatural. Finally, when she makes an appearance in Fate/Grand Order, she points out she doesn’t believe ghosts could possibly exist, despite the fact that all the Servants are literally ghosts.

8 Kyon Is Skeptical Of Ghosts And Anything That Can’t Be Explained (Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya)

Kyon is the “normal” character of the group in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. When he was younger, he believed everything impossible could actually happen, but now that he’s in high school, he wants nothing more than to be a responsible adult.

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But instead, he winds up working with Haruhi Suzumiya and gets drawn into her club, the SOS Brigade. Haruhi’s goal is to find all the elements of the supernatural, none of which Kyon believes in. Or at least, that’s what he says. In reality, the possibility of finding things he once thought didn’t exist subconsciously excites him.

7 Allen Walker Fights Demons But Refuses To Believe In Ghosts (D.Gray-man)

Allen is the lead protagonist of D.Gray-man, a series that doesn’t get nearly enough respect. He spent years training to become an exorcist, but in this world, that’s more like fighting demons than anything else. Strangely enough, despite Allen’s job being to fight demons, he doesn’t believe ghosts are actually a thing. In fairness, this is somewhat plausible. Just because one thing is true doesn’t mean the other is. However, it’s a bit ridiculous that this is where he chooses to draw his line.

6 Tohko Feeds On Stories But Thinks Ghosts Are Fake (Book Girl)

Book Girl Tohko

Tohko was the lead protagonist for the anime Book Girl. Tohko seems to feed on stories but spends most of her time working with her friend Konoha Inoue. Tohko absolutely isn’t normal, and potentially isn’t even human. However, no matter what she is, she still doesn’t seem to believe in any ghosts. In her case, the series isn’t constantly trying to disprove her, but even if it was she seems like she would remain unchanged on her stances.

5 Renge Shiratsuyu Has Been Possessed By Ghosts But Thinks They’re Not Real (Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs)

Renge Shiratsuyu (Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs)

Renge Shiratsuyu is the student council president at Rafine Girls Academy. With a cold facade, she shows little of her real self to the rest of the world. She maintains that she’s constantly in control, though the show also makes it obvious that she very much isn’t. She has the same flaws and concerns as anyone else. And one of her flaws is that she simply does not believe in the power of ghosts or any psychics, despite the fact that there are psychic things happening around her all the time lately.

4 Satsuki Miyanoshita Hunts Ghosts But Tries To Explain Their Existence Away (Ghost Stories)

Satsuki Miyanoshita

Satsuki Miyanoshita works with the rest of the Ghost Hunters to try and stop ghosts. But, despite her title and what she’s supposed to be working on, she doesn’t really believe in ghosts. Though they go on multiple cases throughout the anime, each time Satsuki tries to blame it on something else over and over again. It’s only after every option is taken from her that she admits that a ghost might be responsible. But since she does the same thing in the next case, her opinion really hasn’t changed.

3 Takeo Kumagami Doesn’t Believe In Ghosts But Is Terrified Of Them (Patlabor)

Takeo Kumagami Patlabor

Lieutenant Takeo Kumagami replaces Kanuka Clancy in the middle of Patlabor. Much like Kanuka, she takes her job completely seriously which makes her stand out a bit compared to the rest of the Special Vehicles Unit, Divison 2.

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But one thing that does make her fit in somewhat is her reaction to ghosts. She staunchly refuses to believe they exist. However, she is also terrified that they might actually be real, thanks to her father telling her ghost stories at night. She’s even known to start screaming if she thinks she actually sees any ghosts.

2 Karin Kurosaki Completely Ignores Ghosts And Hopes They’ll Go Away (Bleach)

Karin and Yuzu look surprised

Karin Kurosaki is just like the rest of the family. She’s perfectly capable of seeing ghosts, and, much like Ichigo, she’s frequently bothered by them. But unlike Ichigo, she doesn’t want to deal with them in the least. She goes out of her way to completely ignore them, to the point that even the ghosts leave her alone. Of course, in a universe like Bleach‘s, she isn’t allowed to maintain this mindset the entire series, but for quite a while she holds firm that ghosts aren’t “real,” whether she can see them or not.

1 Hercule Doesn’t Believe Anything Supernatural Is Anything More Than A Trick (Dragon Ball Z)


To maintain any semblance of normalcy in his life and a belief in his own super-strength, Hercule is required to believe nothing that’s supernatural is real. That’s why, whenever he watches things like the Cell Games, he declares that it’s nothing but tricks done with smoke and mirrors. He’s seen explosions that could vaporize mountains and watched genetically engineered beings fight against aliens. He even lives with Majin Buu, but Hercule still thinks anything supernatural is just some kind of trick.

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