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10 Anime Characters Who Are Just Like Azazel Ameri

Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-Kun! is a charming isekai anime series with a Halloween twist. Iruma Suzuki is a 14-year-old boy who has found himself in the Netherworld, the realm of demons, and he is the Babyls school’s one and only human student. Despite the danger, he got used to life there, and he even made some friends, such as Asmodeus Alice and Azazel Ameri.

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Azazel Ameri is a model student. She is a powerful demon and an ace student, and most of all, she is the student council’s president. Ameri takes her duties quite seriously and has a dignified persona about her, but she is also a loyal friend and has a warm heart. She is easy to like for many reasons, and fans of Azazel Ameri will definitely appreciate similar anime characters who have something in common with her.

10 Kaguya Shinomiya Is Aloof But Caring (Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War)

Kaguya Shinomiya may not be a demon, and she doesn’t have any magical powers or wings, either. Aside from that, though, she and Azazel Ameri have a lot in common, especially on the inside. Both girls are very smart and mature for their age, and they are part of their respective student councils.

Kaguya and Ameri have a strong sense of responsibility and take things quite seriously, but they both have their fun side too, which they show to their best friends, Iruma Suzuki and Miyuki Shirogane. These girls have a bit of a tsundere streak and are much more interested in romance than their cool exteriors would suggest.

9 Erza Scarlet Is Like A Big Sister (Fairy Tail)

erza scarlet happy fairy tail

Erza Scarlet may not be in a student council like Ameri and Kaguya, but she and Ameri do share a fondness for combat. Erza is an S-ranked wizard who will gladly risk her life to defend the Fairy Tail guild and her many friends, and she has a tough but caring personality to match.

The same can be said of Azazel Ameri, who uses her remarkable Romanticist bloodline trait to power up and defeat a massive monster alongside Opera. And like Ameri, Erza has a soft spot for a special someone but doesn’t like being teased about it.

8 Tenya Iida Is A Caring Disciplinarian (My Hero Academia)

tenya iida happy

Tenya Iida is a melee hero who’s just as likely to hit the book as he is to hit the gym, and Azazel Ameri would approve. Both characters are students at a magical school, U.A. and Babyls, and they both have many responsibilities at their respective schools.

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Tenya is the class rep of Class 1-A, a position reasonably similar to Ameri’s position as student council president. Like Ameri, Tenya is a fierce but loyal fighter who will risk his life for his classmates and certainly for his big brother, Tensei Iida. Tenya is generally dignified and stern, but he has a warm heart under that tough exterior.

7 Erina Nakiri Knows How To Lead (Food Wars!)

Erina, Food Wars

Erina Nakiri is an incredibly gifted chef, and while she’s no braggart, she does take pleasure in putting upstart chefs in their place, and she’s quick to scorn them as amateurs. Erina isn’t cruel, though — she is merely a reflection of her stern and oppressive upbringing.

Erina was on the Council of Ten at Totsuki, and she later became the school’s youngest dean in history. Like Ameri, Erina knows how to lead and make tough decisions for her school’s sake, and she can “fight” in the kitchen if her enemies can’t be defeated with mere paperwork.

6 Rem Works Hard & Fights Harder (Re:Zero)

Re:Zero Rem

Rem is an ogre maid working at the Mathers estate, and she and her sister Ram are highly dependable employees any boss would appreciate. These sisters can trim the hedges, draw a luxurious bath, dust off the shelves, and far more. They are also capable fighters, especially Rem, who still has her ogre horn.

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Rem identifies mostly with her maid work, but she can fight ferociously in combat, and she fears no enemy. She also has a major soft spot for Subaru Natsuki, even confessing her love to him at one point. She got rejected, though. Still, Ameri fans will like how Rem is hardworking, selfless, and a great fighter.

5 Yuki Sohma Is Cool & Caring (Fruits Basket)

Yuki smiles

Yuki Sohma is the Rat of the Chinese zodiac, and he is also the cool, aloof foil to the hotheaded tsundere Kyo, who is Yuki’s cousin. Both boys attend school despite the Sohma family’s wishes, and Yuki, in particular, is part of the student council where he is highly respected.

Yuki Sohma, like Ameri, is an outwardly confident and aloof character who actually has a heart of gold, and both characters have a few insecurities they try to keep hidden. Ameri wonders if she’ll ever be a true shojo heroine, and Yuki struggles with imposter syndrome.

4 Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye Is Responsible & Caring (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye is Roy Mustang’s loyal friend, and she often acts as his conscience and confidant. Riza may not be an alchemist, but she is a remarkable sniper, and she is a disciplined and confident officer who can get the job done.

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Just like Azazel Ameri, Riza Hawkeye sets a good example through her leadership and dignified personality, and she doesn’t tolerate horseplay or nonsense. However, she has her caring side, and she actually takes a keen interest in Edward’s budding romance with Winry Rockbell, much to Ed’s shock.

3 Maki Oze Takes Her Duties & Romance Equally Seriously (Fire Force)

maki oze waving

Maki Oze is a skilled fire soldier serving in Company 8, and she and Lieutenant Hinawa also have prior experience in the Tokyo Empire’s military as well. Maki is a second-generation pyrokinetic who likes to shape her fire into two “pets” named Stutter and Flare.

Maki Oze is a model professional, a fierce and disciplined fire soldier who fears no enemy, and that’s something Ameri can appreciate. Both characters are also fond of romance stories, and Maki might be teased a bit and called an airhead at times.

2 Uryu Ishida Is Cool & Has A Generous Heart (Bleach)

uryu looking over shoulder bleach

Uryu Ishida the Quincy archer may remind anime fans of many different characters, including Tenya Iida and certainly Azazel Ameri. Uryu isn’t on the student council, but then again, he’s known for being an ace student, and he takes himself seriously in combat. He is also something of a prodigy in the Quincy tribe.

Uryu’s polite and dignified personality is similar to Azazel Ameri’s, and both characters are deeply loyal to their friends and have their hearts set on a special someone. Ameri is drawn to Iruma, while Uryu is quite fond of Orihime Inoue. He and Orihime never became an actual couple, though.

1 Asami Sato Is A Fighter & A Leader (The Legend Of Korra)

The Legend Of Korra, Season Four, After All These Years, Asami Sato

Asai Sato is the daughter and successor to her businessman father, Hiroshi Sato, and she has a real flair for business, too. Asami is a smart, patient, and insightful business leader who cares about both profit margins and the well-being of the people around her. She’s a tycoon with a heart.

Asami Sato’s skillful leadership will remind anime viewers of Azazel Ameri for sure. Both characters are smart and dignified people who are a bit stern but fair with their friends, and they will gladly open up when they’re with a lover. Asami was tender and caring with Mako first, and then she shared her heart with Avatar Korra three years after that.

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